DRS 360 Plus...Web Portal

Web portals have become commonplace in the healthcare industry for a variety of reasons including:

• They are a quick and secure way for Health Care Providers (HCPs) to order prescription drug samples within regulatory compliance guidelines and...

• They provide easy access to a wealth of educational support materials for themselves as well as their patients.

In addition, the average HCP learning curve for ordering these products and materials is quite short. Most have a good deal of experience ordering products and services online personally and professionally. And they feel comfortable with making on line transactions. That secure feeling carries over to Web portals where security and speed in completing their order is unquestioned and primary.

Still, in some instances, HCPs may require an in-person visit from a sales professional for a one-on-one to become more knowledgeable about available products.

And so, when HCPs simply do not have time to meet with sales professionals, it makes sense to offer an ordering process that is simple, safe and expedient.

Flexibility in a system in order to configure promotional programs as required for each brand

DRS specializes in offering flexibility and dynamic systems -- which can be quickly tailored to respond to market needs -- and brand programs that are driven by product managers and their needs, e.g.:

• DRS reporting and notifications to field sales professionals to communicate the customer behavior and order history.

• The use of a secure web portal that is seamless to the customer and integrates well with the company website architecture and branding.

• A DRS-developed portal ordering site that can be tailored to your specific requirements within 60 days as well as the integration of fax back and mail programs as required.

• The ability to close out an order by the customer using electronic Acknowledgement of Content (AOC) making it possible for immediate re-ordering no matter how the order is generated.

• A must-have dedicated team of customer service representatives to manage the orders and report on any issues that the program manager feels are impeding the distribution of product and the overall customer experience.

• Tracking product shipments and deliveries through reports to home office and sales professionals. This keeps them aware of their customer activity from all order channels.

• The ability to quickly alter the mix of ordering/fulfillment channels to optimize ROI and customer exposure to all brands.

DRS 360 Plus Web Portal

Online access to a proven process that facilitates drug samples fulfillment to prescriber HCPs. The DRS Portal is your gateway to drug samples as well as educational materials via a simple, expedient authentication process.