DRS PharmaSync®... Real time, eSignature capture.

With PharmaSync® 5.0, DRS brings to market a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant product e-sampling system developed not as a software application but rather as a cloud-based service specifically for the browser.

Capable of functioning on or offline, PharmaSync 5.0 cuts through the highly fragmented mobile market as it works with all of the most widely used devices, e.g., Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android, iPad, as well as tablet, laptop and PC.

In addition, by virtually eliminat-ing browser, operating system and hardware dependency, PharmaSync 5.0 makes it easier and more cost effective to integrate a number of front-and back-end sales and marketing functions, e.g., linking sales

representative product sampling and healthcare professional direct sample ordering with CRM.

Off the shelf validation and quick implementation help save time and money. While patented technology helps companies better manage the PDMA compliance and marketing issues of prescription drug sampling.

• Browser-based e-sampling tool, PharmaSync© 5.0 frees user from OS/browser/ hardware restrictions and dependency

• Runs on most OS platforms including Apple, Android, and Windows

• Device independent/ smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs

• Patented technology which runs in online or offline mode

• Integrates with any DRS PDMA One Source Application

• Allows for both Sales Representative or HCP ordering through client Web portal

• Secure encrypted signature capture

• No individual sales representative licensing fees

"We were amazed at how easily PharmaSync© was deployed and integrated into our current system. Kudos to the DRS software developers."