DRS 360 Plus...Because Multi-Channel Ordering Demands Multi-Faceted Thinking

Product ordering. Shipping errors and delays. Samples tracking. All contributing to escalating costs. Product issues like these have HCPs scrambling to find new approaches and solutions. Well, scramble no more. The answer is available right now and its name is DRS 360 Plus.


Outside sales representatives? Customer service center? Coupon vouchers? Online verified by electronic PIN? Whichever method you use to distribute prescription drug product samples and informational materials, DRS 360 Plus provides more than a 360 view of your HCP customer.

It provides 24/7 monitoring for every department stakeholder. Compliance. Aggregate Spend. Marketing. Samples Manage- ment. Customer Service. You name it. DRS 360 Plus has it covered.

DRS 360 Plus integrates all data allowing you to analyze the ordering methods your customers use, sample types, quantities and order frequency. In addition, you can instantly view how they were motivated to make their request - banner ads, website, mail in business reply cards, coupon vouchers, fax back forms, call center, field sales representative or any other methodology you may employ.

Controls are in place 24/7 to track each order right up to delivery to each individual. And at point of delivery, our system configuration tracks both Acknowledgement of Delivery (AOD) and Acknowledgement of Content (AOC).

A module in the DRS 360 Plus application enables allocating samples to the field force and HCP's based on your specific business logic. Since DRS tracks all forms of sample orders and shipments initiating from DSS, Voucher programs, web ordering, and direct sampling, the Sample Allocation model can be determined from a 360 degree evaluation of product.

In support of the sample order-ing and DTP (DSS) programs the DRS Professional Services group offers a 'White Glove' hands on approach to contacting HCP's to close out outstanding AOC's in order to enable future orders. This increases the success rate of sample ordering where product allocation is applied and improves the customer experience by fulfilling the maximum number of sample requests in the shortest time frame.

Customer service is enhanced with DRS 360 Plus as it actually anticipates the needs of HCPs. You can provide HCPs and medical facilities with a number of ways to make their requests.

Using DRS' 24/7 self-service access to DRS 360 Plus, with controls and notifications during process, we have dramatically increased the number of client requests and orders.

In fact, DRS 360 Plus is regulatory compliant for whichever request method you use.

Associations to practice, group and institution are also maintained and complete data aggregation for federal and state reporting is provided (think Sun-shine Act).

The driving force behind DRS 360 Plus is DRS PDMA OneSource, a full circle sample accountability system comprised of sophisticated technologies (including PharmaSync 5.0 SFA). PharmaSync 5.0 makes it easier and more cost effective to integrate a number of front and back-end sales and marketing functions, e.g., linking sales representative product sampling and healthcare professional direct sample ordering with CRM.

On the surface, DRS 360 Plus is a prescription drug sample or-dering system. But unlike others, ours is the one that delivers, as it provides more and better out-comes to a broader array of relevant customers.

So while others are touting customer view alone, DRS trumps that by matching it and then going several steps farther with an array of 'no-one-else-has-them' capabilities.

A total view of your HCP customers. Plus a total view of your department stakeholders
- 24/7

• Expands to relevant view of new and existing customers.

• Pinpoints & analyzes sample request origin; i.e., website, banner ads, marketing, mail, fax, field or internal sales.

• Answers questions like: Why do customers with field reps often request samples through a customer service portal?

• Simplifies the request-for-samples process.

Know more about your HCP customers all the time...in real time